Research areas

My research focuses on procurement and management of supplier relationships in both the private and the public sectors. Particularly, my interests are in the following areas:
  • Definition of procurement/supply chain strategies and design of strategic procurement organizations that support the implementation of such strategies.
  • Everything that relates to buyer-supplier collaborations, such as antecedents and drivers of such collaborations, forms of collaboration, and behavioral aspects of collaborations (e.g., trust and commitment).  I am particularly interested in researching these aspects in the context of collaborative innovations between buyers and suppliers.
  • Supplier and procurement performance measurement and management, with a specific focus on design, implementation, and use of performance measurement systems.
  • The intersection between project management and supply chain management, particularly regarding the implications of using different project management methods (stage-gate vs. hybrid vs. agile) on collaborative relationships with suppliers and customers.
Other than these main research areas, I also have a strong interest in government innovation policy design and implementation, as well as innovative approaches for improving supply chain management education and classroom experience.
Relevant research projects I am currently involved in

The use of Artificial Intelligence in the public procurement process

This project aims to study how artificial intelligence in public procurement can help to improve public service delivery and customer experience

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in government contracts

This project aims to discover ways through which government organizations can support small and disadvantaged businesses in procurement contracts

The intersection between supply chain management and project management

This project analyzes how supply chains incorporate project management issues into their strategies

Supply chain capabilities to face uncertain business environments

This project aims to study how supply chains can grow different capabilities to be more responsive to uncertainty and evolving environmental conditions

Definition of procurement strategies and resilience in the public sector

This project aims to study how government organizations can help to shape higher resilience in public and private sector supply chains

Commitment, trust and preferential resources allocation in buyer-supplier relationships

This project aims to study factors that contribute to strengthen commitment in buyer-supplier relationship and resource investments

The role of big data and data analytics for purchasing and supply management

This project aims to explore how big data is revolutionizing the purchasing and supply management discipline in companies and education


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