I am Andrea Patrucco and I am currently an Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Management in the Department of Marketing and Logistics at Florida International University College of Business.
I graduated from Politecnico di Milano (Italy) and moved to the United States in 2017, where I was a faculty at the Pennsylvania State University.
My main research expertise is in the area of buyer-supplier relationship management in both the private and public sectors.
My main passion is, indeed, public procurement! I am one of the academic leaders of the International Research Study on Public Procurement Research group and, over the years, I have helped several public organizations to better understand the role and value of procurement for public management. I am included in the list of public procurement experts of the Publications Office of the European Union. In the United States, I actively collaborate with the two most important public procurement organizations: NASPO - National Association of State Procurement Officers and NIGP: the institute for public procurement. 
In collaboration with other colleagues, I have contributed to realize two important research reports in relevant public procurement areas:
Here, you will find more information about my background and research interests, my current research projects, my publications, my teaching activities, and my community building/engagement and outreach activities.

For collaborations or more information about my research and teaching, please feel free to contact me using the contact form!

Latest publications

Purchasing realized absorptive capacity as the gateway to sustainable supply chain management

R. Di Francesco, D. Luzzini, A. S. Patrucco

International Journal of Operations and Production Management, vol. 42(5), pp. 603-636

Public procurement as a government policy lever

Christine Harland, Michael Essig, Jane Lynch, Andrea Patrucco

Future business and the role of purchasing and supply management: Opportunities for ‘business-not-as-usual’PSM research

Louise Knight, Wendy Tate, Steven Carnovale, Carmela Di Mauro, Lydia Bals, Federico Caniato, Jury Gualandris, Thomas Johnsen, Aristides Matopoulos, Joanne Meehan, others

Journal of purchasing and supply management, vol. 28, Pergamon, 2022, p. 100753

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Andrea S. Patrucco

Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Management

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Department of Marketing and Logistics

College of Business - Florida International University

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